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Shopping carts are a necessary equipment for every store with a wide range of goods. The possibility of comfortable and as easy transport of selected items as possible is very important for customers, as it allows them to make larger purchases, which translates into greater profits for the store.

In our offer of shopping trolleys you will find two different series – KMK and MEC.

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KMK 130 shopping cart with lower shelf

Shopping cart – dimensions and volume

As a manufacturer of trolleys, we are able to offer our customers many models with different dimensions, and thus volumes. Our shopping carts can be divided into three categories. One of these categories includes, for example, the MEC 60 small shopping trolley, which is considered by our customers as one of the most universal.

  • small shopping trolley (e.g. MEC 60 and MEC 80) – intended mainly for small and medium-sized supermarkets. Due to their small dimensions, they are easy to control in narrow alleys, do not take up much space and are easy to park in lines for storage (so-called “nesting”).
  • medium shopping trolley (e.g. MEC 125 and KMK 150) – they are used in medium and large stores. They combine small dimensions with a large capacity of the basket for a wide range of products.
  • large shopping trolley (e.g. MEC 210 and KMK 180) – ideal for supermarkets. Large capacity means large dimensions. This means that carts in this category should not be used in small shops where there is simply not enough space. In supermarkets, they work phenomenally because they allow you to load purchases for the whole family in one common basket for the entire week.

MEC 60 and MEC 80 shopping cart

MEC shopping cart dimensions

MEC 6073346698860
MEC 7098558493570
MEC 8082253789180
MEC 100755464968100
MEC 125755583865125
MEC 1309935951014130
MEC 150983525999150
MEC 180987580997180
MEC 21010085841054210
MEC 24011445801066240

KMK shopping carts dimensions

KMK B9081649196790
KMK 1309895951097130
KMK 15010965861047150
KMK 18011215881115180

Rest of shopping carts dimensions

MEC 1549539260215
MEC Kids 10013725801048100
MEC 150CSC11455791059150
MEC 100 wheelchair844868987100


MEC 130 shopping cart

MEC 130 shopping cart

Protective coating

One of the features of the production of Kifato MK shopping trolleys is the use of a modern production line for electroplating. The technologies used give the products a high-quality protective coating and ensure an extended life of the trolleys, giving them aesthetics and a beautiful appearance.

An additional layer of sprayed polyester varnish further increases the mechanical and chemical resistance of the trolleys, especially those stored outside. Polyester varnish is resistant to UV radiation, it is also not sensitive to weather conditions, therefore it can be successfully used for covering shopping carts. Automation of the varnishing process ensures the best application of the polyester protective layer, which translates into its durability, high protection and aesthetic value.

Thanks to the simultaneous use of galvanization and a protective layer of polyester, Kifato MK metal shopping carts are extremely resistant to corrosion.

Shopping cart baskets after galvanization process

Shopping cart baskets after galvanization process

Wózki sklepowe po pokryciu powierzchnią ochronną

Shopping cart covered in protective coating of poliester

Parking the trolleys

Regular shopping carts can take up a lot of space and parking them in designated and often confined spaces can be quite a hassle. This was a problem that we as manufacturer of shopping carts had under constant observation while designing our products. Thanks to this, we were able to develop a trolley structure that allows you to store many trolleys in one row without problems, while maintaining the minimum distances. This is the so-called “Nesting” which allows you to arrange any number of trolleys in a row, without wasting any space. Vehicle handles are almost in contact, ensuring 100% use of space combined with zero risk of mechanical damage caused by rubbing between plastic and metal elements.

Nesting wózków sklepowych

MEC 125 shopping cart

Colours of shopping trolleys

All shopping trolleys in the standard offer have red or anthracite plastic elements and handles. The metal wire structure is galvanized and clear lacquered with polyester.

On special orders, however, we also offer non-standard colours of all plastic elements in shopping carts and the metal basket itself. Despite the very attractive appearance of a coloured metal trolley, it should be remembered that painting the basket is detrimental to its durability. The coloured coating of the powder paint replaces the galvanization, which translates into a reduction in the corrosion resistance of the trolley. Additionally, the paint coating is more susceptible to damage and mechanical abrasions.

Logo on the handle of the cart

When ordering from the factory, we offer you to put any logo in the handle, without any additional fees, and to choose from a wide range of colours of plastic elements and the handle. After sending the design, our graphic designer will adjust it so that the logo best matches the selected colour of the shopping trolley.

Coloured shopping carts

Coloured shopping carts

KMK shopping carts are designed on wire base, they are one of the most popular products from Kifato on European market. Wired stand with additional platform provide space for a packet of beverages, a cardboard box and even a small sized electronic device.


KMK B90 shopping cart

MEC series shopping carts are designed to provide maximum comfort of usage with affordable price. That goal was achieved by replacing bottom shelf with durable round tubes, reducing weight while also increasing overall manoeuvrability.

MEC 125

MEC 125 shopping cart

Shopping carts – accessories

In addition, all shopping trolleys can be equipped with additional accessories or the existing elements can be replaced with their alternative equivalents. The most frequently chosen accessories are those produced by the reputable company Systec, which prides itself on the high standard of its products.

Such accessories and equivalents include, among others:

Wire partition

It allows for better segregation of products. Very useful when you do not want loose, heavy drinks or cartons to crush delicate products such as eggs, sweets, yogurts.

Wire partitioning for shopping cart basket

Wire partitioning for shopping cart basket

Basket for a baby carrier

A special modification of the handle, thanks to which the shopping carts can conveniently carry the carrier with a child, which allows customers such as parents with small children for easier and comfortable shopping.

Basket for baby carrier mounted on handle

Basket for baby carrier mounted on handle

Coin lock

It allows you to secure shopping carts against theft, ensuring greater security of storage. We offer locks for zlotys and euros.

Coin lock made by Systec

Coin lock made by Systec

Coin lock with advertising

A variation of an ordinary lock with one significant difference in construction. In this solution, the entire handle of the trolley functions as a lock, which allows the presentation of any advertisement, e.g. product promotion or sale.

Integrated coin lock with advertisement

Integrated coin lock with advertisement


They are the inseparable partner of coin locks, they protect the trolley from potential theft. Solid workmanship combined with high-class metal guarantee that no one will be able to cut it.

Łańcuch do zamka na monety

Chains for coin locks

Frame for advertising / promotions

They are mounted on the front of a shopping trolley to present a promotion that takes place in a store or to advertise products.

Frame for advertisement

Frame for advertisement

Wheels with travelation

They are intended for mounting in shopping carts that are to be compatible with escalators equipped with magnets. A trolley with such wheels, after entering the stairs, adheres solidly to the surface, thanks to which it will not slide down under its own weight. Even a heavily loaded shopping cart will not roll off by itself.

Wheels with travelation

Wheels with travelation

Wheels with a brake

Brakes are very useful for larger shopping carts where significant loads are expected. Their purpose is to exclude the possibility of uncontrolled movement of the trolley, so that it cannot leave, e.g. in a parking lot, hitting a car, or slide down an escalator not adapted to traverse.

Shopping cart wheels with breaks

Shopping cart wheels with breaks

Lateral information plate

The signs convey a lot of useful information, such as: “attention of a disabled person”, “attention of a child”, the maximum load capacity of a shopping trolley and much more. Each plate is prepared individually for the reported needs of the customer.

Handicapped information sign for shopping trolleys

Information plates

Front bumpers

They are used to protect the pipes at the bottom of the shopping cart from mechanical damage. Bumpers are very useful when you plan to store carts in lines.

Osłona przednia do wózków sklepowych typu KMK

Protective front bumpers for KMK series

Side covers

They protect the metal elements of a shopping trolley against dents and damage in the event of a collision with a shelf or other trolley. The color of the plastic cover can be selected by the customer.

Obicie boczne wózka sklepowego

Side covers


You can hang a handbag, backpack or even a jacket on them to relieve the tired body. This translates into greater shopping comfort for customers.

Hak do wózka sklepowego

Hooks for shopping carts

Noise reduction covers

They are designed to reduce the noise caused by metal hitting metal when moving a shopping cart. Additionally, they protect metal elements against bending.

Obicia niwelujące dźwięk do wózków sklepowych

Noise reduction covers

Places for a child

We offer two types of child seats that can be mounted on shopping carts. The first type are the seats that allow a child (or two children if we choose the double seat option) to sit inside the cart. The second type are chairs mounted on a handle (there is a double option right here). Thanks to this solution, the child is facing us while shopping.

Krzesełka dziecięce do wózków sklepowych

Child seats


They are a decorative element on which we can place the store’s logo. They are extremely useful for prams, as they allow you to easily see where the child is currently located.

MEC 15 Shopping cart with flag

MEC 15 Shopping cart with flag

Bottom shelf

It is present only in the KMK model shopping trolleys and is used for transporting packets of drinks or small size electrical devices. It increases the overall comfort of use and increases the available storage capacity of goods, without increasing the dimensions of the trolley.

Bottom shelf for KMK series

Bottom shelf for KMK series

Examples of shopping cart models

MEC 60

(red plastic parts)

Perfect for small shops

MEC 60 shopping trolleys are the smallest in our offer and are used in many retail outlets around the world.

Due to their small size, they take up little space and are easy to maneuver between narrow aisles of shops.

Shopping cart specification

MEC 80

(red plastic parts)

Shopping cart – the most popular

The MEC 80 shopping carts are very similar to the MEC 60 shopping carts. However, they are longer and have a lower profile, which increases their capacity.

The increased size does not make it difficult to drive the trolley thanks to the use of German TENTE wheels.

Shopping cart specification

MEC 100

(gray plastic parts)

Shopping trolley for narrow aisles

The MEC 100 shopping trolleys have a very high basket that allows the transport of up to 100 liters, which is why they are a great choice for stores with a wide range of products.

Its slim and short design makes it ideal for shops with limited maneuvering space.

Shopping cart specification

MEC Kids 100

Shopping cart – for children

Visiting a store can be really tiring for baby, and as we all know, a tired toddler starts to mess up. For this reason, the Kifato company has combined a shopping trolley with a children’s car. This trolley is used by both the parent and his child.

The parent has a basket with a capacity of 100 liters for shopping, while the child plays as a little driver.

Shopping cart specification


Shopping cart with a platform

KMK series shopping trolleys, designed on a wire base, are one of the most popular Kifato products on the European market. A wire stand with an additional platform provides space for, for example, a drinks pack, a cardboard box, and even a small household appliance.

The B90 model offers a combination of small dimensions with additional transport space, which is especially useful in stores with a wide assortment where space is limited.

Shopping cart specification

MEC 125

Shopping cart MEC125

The MEC125 shopping trolley is the bigger brother of the MEC100. It offers more space for the transport of goods, but requires larger transport aisles. The best place for this trolley will be a store with wide alleys, where you do not risk being accidentally caught on the shelf.

Shopping cart specification

MEC 100 for disabled

A shopping cart designed for disabled

The MEC 100 version for wheelchair users enables convenient shopping for people with disabilities. Simply attach the wheelchair to the special holders on the front of the shopping cart to secure it.

A specially designed basket allows you to insert and remove products from a sitting position.

Shopping cart specification

MEC 15

Baby carriage with a flag

MEC 15 is designed for the youngest customers so that they can help their parents with purchases (especially in the sweets department).

For children, nice colours and accessories are important, which is why this cart has a tiny flag placed on the mast that attracts the child’s attention, and helps the parent locate his child. Thanks to the swivel wheels, even the youngest customer will be able to handle this trolley on their own.

Shopping cart specification

MEC 210

A large shopping cart

A real Behemoth among 210 liter shopping trolleys. This capacity allows him to transport purchases for the entire week for the whole family. Due to its size, we recommend its use in hypermarkets and large grocery stores.

Shopping cart specification

Servicing of shopping carts

Despite the high strength of our shopping carts, some plastic or metal parts may become damaged over the years. Most often it is the result of a collision or other mechanical impact. In this case, we provide a full range of spare parts that are constantly available in our warehouses. Our service technicians have extensive practical experience. This allows you to quickly bring the damaged trolley to full working order. By supplying shopping carts to our customers for many years, we offer full warranty and post-warranty service. The service is provided on the basis of concluded long-term contracts or ad hoc orders.

shopping carts after renovation

Shopping carts after renovation

Technical Inspection Association certificate

It is awarded only to products that meet the strict requirements of the German Technical Inspection Association. They guarantee the highest quality of our shopping trolleys.

TUV certyfikat regały metalowe


We provide attractive financing of shopping carts in the form of leasing. You do not need your own funds to finance the investment.


We organize the transport of shopping carts to any place in Poland and the EU.

Frequently asked questions

It depends on many factors and it is best to answer this question during a telephone conversation with the seller. However, there is a pattern that we can follow when choosing a shopping cart.

  • Trolleys up to 120 liters are optimal for small and medium-sized stores.
  • Trolleys up to 180 liters work best in medium and large stores.
  • All trolleys over 180 liters are trolleys intended for large stores and supermarkets.
  • Bottom shelf trolleys are better suited to large stores and supermarkets.

In the lion’s share of cases, the answer is yes, although there are exceptions such as:

  • only the KMK series trolleys have a bottom shelf
  • most of the accessories do not fit the children’s and wheelchair series models
  • the MEC 15 trolley is incompatible with all accessories that modify the wheels and the handle (this is the result of its very small size).

Yes, you can do it yourself without any problem. When purchasing the wheel, we also provide instructions on how to replace it.

It depends on the damaged part of the cart. If the wheels, handle or plastic elements are damaged – just replace them with new ones that are available for purchase from us. If, on the other hand, the metal structure of the shopping cart is damaged, it is a bit more of a problem. We can slightly heat the metal and try to straighten it mechanically. However, this method will only work with small dents. If the pipes supporting the basket are damaged, or if the dent is serious, we unfortunately only have the option of scrapping the trolley.

By default, all shopping carts are equipped with hooks and seats for children. The KMK version also has a bottom shelf as standard.

We can get personalized handles only when ordering bigger quantities of trolleys from the factory. The client sends us the elements that are to be included in the graphic + describes his idea to us. Our graphic designer will then prepare a ready logo design for the handle for customer approval.

The biggest differences are:

  • KMK series has a bottom shelf the
  • MEC series is a tube base and the KMK series is a wire base
  • the MEC series has a larger selection of models and sizes available

The standard weight of the trolleys ranges from 12 kg (MEC 60) to 21 kg (MEC 240).

Galvanized trolleys are more durable than painted ones, as galvanized trolleys provide better protection against damage and weather conditions.

Definitely yes. Metal as a material is much more durable than plastic used in the production of shopping carts. In addition, the metal is easier to clean from any dirt.

Thanks to the use of zinc and varnish, outdoor storage will not damage the trolleys and will not lead to corrosion, unless the protective coating of the trolley is damaged. However, in order to maximize the service life of shopping carts, it is recommended to park them outside in shelters.

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