High storage racks

High storage racks are warehouse racks specially adapted to the storage of materials at high altitudes. They make the most of the available height of the available storage space.


Large facilities with a significant area, intended for the storage of a large amount of various products, should be equipped with storage racks. This allows to increase the maximum storage capacity limit. Examples of such warehouses are.

  • Warehouses at factories
  • Warehouses storing products intended for international distribution
  • Central warehouses


  • Durable construction able to withstand high loads
  • Simple structure allows for easy modification
  • The high-storage racking plan is designed by our experienced designers, which ensures the maximum and most effective use of the available storage space
  • The use of high-quality steel and innovative solutions translates into long and reliable operation of the installation


Storage racks can be divided into pallet racks and storage mezzanines, which have been specially prepared for high-altitude storage.

Structurally, the only difference is additional security and a reinforced structure that ensures stability and rigidity.

Quality and safety

As a manufacturer of warehouse racks, we guarantee the highest quality of workmanship and the safety of our racks confirmed by the German TUV certificate.

This certificate is awarded only to products that comply with European quality and safety standards.

Full service

Feel free to contact us for individual pricing and warehouse design for pallet racks. For larger orders from the factory, we offer a colour selection of individual elements from the entire RAL palette.

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