Shop shelving

Shop shelving is one of the most important elements of store equipment. It is on them that we store all goods. The selection of appropriate shelves is very important depending on the size of the retail space of the store that we equip. Rack elements such as: the length of the shelves, the right colour, the height of the rack have a significant impact on the way the offered products will look. As a manufacturer of shop shelving, we are able to provide you with store shelves in any size, configuration and accessories.

For example, using a deeper shelf on the first floor of the rack will better show the goods that would otherwise be covered by the next shelves above them. Some products are better seen against a cream background, and others against an anthracite background. Therefore, the colour of the racks is best selected based on the categories of stored products. High shelves are perfect for large stores like Lewiatan or Auchan, while low shelves are best for gas stations.

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Gable shop shelving with animal feed

Gable shop shelving with animal feed

A wide range of shelves and accessories

As a manufacturer of metal shop shelves, we are able to supply powder coated shelves, wire or chrome shelves. Racks can be ordered from us in various heights, depths and widths, which allows each store to be arranged individually, tailored to the needs of the goods on display. For the racks, we offer a set of accessories that increase its functionality, e.g. partitions, security, labels, hangers, handles. We can also manufacture and deliver non-standard accessories, made to individual customer orders. We produce universal shelves, as well as specialized shelves for specific types of stores, e.g. vegetable, bakery, alcohol, drinks, press, household appliances, clothes shelves. All offered shop shelves are compatible, they can be combined with each other, changing or re-arranging the look of the store. You can find and order five main types of shop shelves – wall shelves, shop gondolas, corner shelves, gable shelves and wire shelves.

Metal rack with perforated backs and hooks for power tools

Metal rack with perforated backs and hooks for power tools

Gable rack equipped with perforated backs and hangers with labels

Gable rack equipped with perforated backs and hangers with labels

The colours of the shop shelving

Metal shop shelves are painted in RAL colours. The most frequently chosen colours by customers are white (RAL 9001), anthracite (RAL 7016) and light gray (RAL 7035). As a manufacturer of shop shelves, we can also supply other colours on request, which are available in our offer. The full range of RAL colours can be found here.

RAL color palette for metal shelves

RAL colour palette for metal shelves

Shop shelving – applications

Typical Applications:

  • grocery stores
  • drugstores, chemical store
  • interior design stores
  • pharmacies
  • liquor stores
  • greengrocers
  • household appliances and electronics stores
  • clothes shop
  • florists industrial stores
  • gas stations
  • bakery stores
  • DIY stores
A line of wall mounted shelves for drinks

A line of wall-mounted shelves for drinks

Shop shelving – construction

Kifato metal shop shelving are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel. The posts are made of perforated profiles, which significantly increases their mechanical strength. Depending on the needs and destination, the shelves can be made of solid sheet or wire. The walls are offered as full, perforated or wire. Various solutions can be combined with each other. The high quality of the steel used and the mechanically reinforced structure translate into high resistance to damage and extended use of metal shelves in shops.

The most important features of metal shelves:

  • solid construction (posts made of perforated profiles)
  • reinforced shelves
  • high resistance to damage high load capacity
  • possibility of building in sequences
  • adjustable angle of the shelves
  • simple rack assembly
  • the possibility of adjusting the height of the shelves
  • solid, perforated or wire walls
  • aesthetic appearance
  • the possibility of adding wheels – we get mobile shelves
  • long service life
  • possibility of combining with integration shelves
Shop gondola with a top shelf anthracite color

Shop gondola with a top shelf – anthracite colour

Store shelving with a food island

Store shelving with a food island


Thanks to its simple modular structure, shop shelves can be assembled completely by yourself, without employing a qualified team. The entire assembly does not require any tools or screws, as all elements are press-fitted. Each order comes with an assembly manual that explains step by step how to assemble the rack yourself. We recommend the presence of two people when assembling a shop rack, as it makes this process much easier.

Shop shelving can be divided into 4 categories

shop shelving p170a-02

Wall racks are standard equipment for every type of store. They can be modified in any way, by selecting the appropriate elements, changing their use depending on the needs. For example, by selecting perforated backs, we gain the possibility of installing product hangers. This solution completely changes the way a wall rack works.

shop shelving g210a

Shop gondolas perform a function similar to that of wall racks. The only difference is that they are erected as free-standing structures. The double-sided design allows easy access to goods from both sides, while also increasing their overall stability. They can be modified in any way, by selecting the appropriate components and accessories, changing their use depending on the needs.

Corner shelves

Corner shelves

Corner racks are used to extend the rack line in places where there is a bend or a corner. They can be divided into two subcategories: internal and external. Internal corner racks are used to extend the draft in the corners. External corner racks are used when changing the direction of the racks when they are placed inside the room.

Gable shelves

Gable shelving

Gable shelves serve as an aesthetic and ergonomic end to a series of shelves. They provide additional space for displaying products and prevent objects from falling off the side of the line they finish. However, their most important advantage is the possibility of displaying the goods on sale.

Mesh racks

Mesh racks

A special type of shop racks with a very light structure that maintains the strength of a standard rack. Special backs allow for easy installation of various hangers. Mesh shelves collect dust more slowly, which makes them more aesthetic and hygienic. Mesh shop shelves are most often chosen by sports stores such as Decathlon and for alcohol display.

Example configuration

Here You can find several example configurations of our shop shelving. In case You wish to build your own customized shelving – please contact us.

Configuration A

Configuration B

Most popular among customers

Configuration C

Most popular among customers

Configuration D

(4 perforated backs)

Configuration A

Configuration B

Configuration C

Configuration D

(3 perforated backs)

Configuration A

Configuration B

Configuration C

Configuration D

(8 perforated backs)

Configuration A

Configuration B

Configuration C

Configuration D

(6 perforated backs)

Configuration A

Configuration B

Configuration C

Configuration D

(4 perforated backs)

Construction elements of shop shelving

Shop shelving profile

The profile is the backbone of the entire rack, it holds the brackets and backs in place, enabling their easy assembly. The standard 50 mm system is available immediately. The 25 mm and 35 mm system is available on request and for wholesale orders.

Base leg

The base leg of the store rack is the basis of the entire structure, it is on it that the entire weight rests, so we recommend purchasing a foot larger than the second longest shelf in the rack. As a result, the entire weight of the products is directed down the rack, rather than partially to the front. This prevents instability and overturning of the rack in case of overloading.

Smooth back

The smooth back is a very important structural element of the metal rack. It not only acts as a back, but also provides rigidity to the entire structure.

Perforated back

The perforated back allows the installation of various hangers. Made of thick sheet metal allows for a high load capacity of many goods hung on the handles. Dense arrangement of the eyelets allows for any arrangement of hangers.

Gondola shelving with mesh backs

Mesh backs allow for greater light transmission, giving a feeling of more space. In addition, they allow the installation of all hangers in our offer, which are equipped with an appropriate type of grip, in store shelves.


Shelves for store shelves are an indispensable structural element. We store all our products on the shelves. The arrangement of shelves is a very important element of planning your own shelving. At the zero level and the first level, it is best to place shelves deeper by a size than the others, in order to better present the products at the bottom. This prevents the products displayed on them from being covered by the shelves above them.

Mesh shelve

Mesh shelves are perfect for the section with vegetables and fruit. They let in more light, which makes products on all levels look elegant. In addition, they are convenient to clean and do not collect much dust.


The brackets support the shelves. They can be made of thinner or thicker sheet metal, which affects the total maximum load capacity. Additionally, they can be adjusted under three inclination angles. This makes it possible to modify the purpose of the shop rack.

Bracket angles of mounting

Dimensions of shop shelves

  • perforation (graduation) 50 mm. Other available perforations for metal shelves are 25 mm and 35 mm.
  • height 190 cm, 210 cm, 230 cm. The offer includes lower and higher racks up to 560 cm in height.
  • width 66 cm, 100 cm, 125 cm, 133 cm.
  • shelves depth: 27 cm, 37 cm, 47 cm, 57 cm, 67 cm, 77 cm.
  • poles: 30 × 30 mm, 60 × 30 mm, 80 × 30 mm, 110 × 30 mm.
  • inclination of shelves / supports at an angle: 0 °, 20 °, 35 °.


Bottom cover for shopping shelves

Bottom cover

A simple addition to a shop rack that prevents products from accidentally falling under the rack.

Hanger for blisters for shopping shelves

Hanger for blisters

It allows you to hang small products such as crisps, sweets, etc. on shelves or at the cash registers. Increases in-store impulse sales by up to 40%. Made of a zinc coating, it guarantees a long service life.

Top cover for shopping shelves

Top cover

Used for shop gondolas to “hide” the gaps between the backs mounted to the profile. It is designed to prevent unwanted materials from falling between the backs of the racks, while also serving as an aesthetic function.

Hangers and labels for perforated backs

Hangers and labels

Used in shelves for hanging various products, e.g. electronics packaging, dog collars, hair brushes and many others.

Price strips for shopping shelves

Price strips

A place to insert information with the current prices of products or an imprint with the store’s logo.

Mesh basket for shopping shelves

Mesh basket

It is used to store fruit and vegetables, ensuring that they will not fall out of the store shelves on the floor by accident.

Mesh limiters for shopping shelves

Mesh limiters

They secure products in a specific place on the rack, preventing them from sliding off the angled shelf.

wire shelf separators for shopping shelves

Shelf separators

They are designed to separate different types of products from each other displayed on the shelf. Installation of separators in a shop rack requires the prior installation of a mesh limiter.

topper for shop shelving 1

Advertising topper

It is used for the visible presentation of advertisements or the title of individual product categories that are on the shelves.

Products similar to shop shelving


Integration shelves

A system that is perfect for facilities offering construction, renovation and interior design products. Racks of this type are most often used in stores, construction depots and wholesalers.


Shopping carts

Mandatory equipment for every store with a wide range of products. The ability to easily transport goods is very important for customers, it allows them to make larger purchases, which certainly translates into greater profits for the store.


As a company with many years of experience, we offer an individual store shelving design for your business. After sending the room plan and arranging the rack configuration, our designer will start preparing the rack placement plan. This solution allows you to make the most of the available retail space. In addition, the designer will be able to suggest racking solutions that can improve the functioning of your store.


We organize the transport of shop shelving to any place in Poland and the EU.


We provide attractive financing of shop shelving in the form of leasing. You do not need your own funds to finance the investment.

Frequently asked questions

When buying a store shelving, pay attention to the following:

  • Whether the shop shelf matches the type of product being sold. The use of full or mesh shelves, respectively, and selecting their colours to match the colours of the displayed products.
  • Ease of access to products, i.e. the ergonomics of using the rack. Goods should be easily available both at the stage of purchase by the customer, as well as replenishing shelves by the store staff.
  • Compatibility with a given rack system, e.g. 50 mm or 25 mm. Most stores use the 50 mm system, but there are also stores such as Biedronka, which use the 25 mm system
  • Assumed loads. The selection of shelves and profiles should be made based on the expected weight of the displayed goods.

The shop rack is a structure based on shop profiles, intended for the storage (compared to integration) of light products intended for the store. Integration racks, on the other hand, are based on warehouse and store profiles – combining the functions of a pallet rack and a store rack in one. As a result, they can store much heavier loads, but take up more space and are less practical for shops and supermarkets.

It depends on the size of the DIY store.

  • For small DIY stores, it is better to use store shelves equipped with reinforced accessories (made of thicker sheet metal), allowing the load capacity of large loads. They do not take up as much space as integrated shelves and will be cheaper than them.
  • For medium-sized DIY stores, it is worth using a mixed solution. This means placing the integration shelving in the most spacious places, preferably in a gondola configuration. Store shelves, on the other hand, are placed against the walls, where the available space may be limited.
  • For large DIY stores, it is best to install only integrated shelves. Integrated shelves in this type of facility will be perfect. You can even say that the integrated shelves were originally designed for use in large DIY stores.

The store shelf most often chosen by our clients costs PLN 580 gross. A shop rack in this configuration very often goes to grocery stores of all sizes. The price includes the following parameters: height 210 cm, width 100 cm, 5 smooth backs, 1 base shelf 47 cm, 3 hanging shelves 37 cm + brackets and a base foot). Of course, this is just an example. The price of a shop rack is very dependent on the configuration, accessories and type of rack we choose. The size of the order also affects the price of the rack. Equipping the entire store with shelves allows you to effectively reduce the purchase price.

Integration shelves are a very good solution for this type of wholesalers, because they allow you to conduct sales at the same time and provide additional storage space. In the case of wholesalers with retail customer service, it is better to use integrated shelves than store shelves.

The maximum load per profile is up to 350 kg (for a 210 cm profile), not including the load on the base shelf, which can additionally carry up to 180 kg. As the profile is the backbone of the shop rack, it defines the maximum load capacity of the entire structure. The maximum load capacity increases when the line is built up, depending on its length.

Perforated racks should be installed when we plan to install accessories such as hangers. When we do not plan to install hangers, smooth backs are a better choice, because they are not only lighter, but also cheaper.

Wire shelves are best used when we want to equip the departments with bread, fruit or vegetables with metal shelves. Thanks to its design, it is easier to clean them from any dirt and dust. In addition, they better present the displayed goods.

Wire racks are more expensive due to their construction requiring a special manufacturing process. Their production takes more time, which translates into their higher price.

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