Pallet racking

Pallet racking is the optimal solution for facilities where goods are stored mainly on pallets. Wide range of various profiles, crossbeams and accessories, allows for appropriate and personalized warehouse equipment.

If you are interested in furnishing a warehouse, we can offer to design and valuate a warehouse space, according to your specifications. Thanks to this process, we can configure pallet racks that will maximize the use of the available space.

Another benefit of such solutions is possibility of selection specialized accessories to warehouse rack such as: safety net, frame bumpers, entrance gates and many more

Perfect choice for every warehouse

Low installation costs, reliability, versatility and high level of customization make pallet racking applicable in many warehouses, among those are:

– with loose load (boxes, chests, foil-wrapped products)

– intended for storing pallets of various loads

– where order picking takes place directly from the pallet

– where easy access to palletized products takes priority

– where maximum usage of available space is needed

Such facilities include, among others:

– Building depots

– Logistic centres 

– Central warehouses

warehouse equipment


–  universal construction allowing for storage of various products

– use of high quality materials for production and highest standard of workmanship

– effective use of storing area

– easy inventory management

– possibility of combining with shop shelves in order to obtain an integrated shelving

Reliable construction

Main construction elements of pallet racking are:

– Traverses ( with safeguards)  
Possible lengths 1850 mm

2700 mm

1850 mm

2700 mm

1850 mm

2700 mm

1850 mm

2700 mm

Maximum tonnage (pallet) 400 kg 700 kg 1000 kg 1200 kg
Maximum tonnage (level) 1200 kg 2100 kg 3000 kg 3600 kg
-Frames (supplied with braces, bolts, nuts, bushings, feet)
Height 2500 mm 3500 mm 4500 mm
Width 1050 mm 1050 mm 1050 mm
Maximum tonnage (with at least 2 levels of traverses) 10 000 kg
10 000 kg
10 000 kg

The specified maximum tonnage of frame is defined for seat height of 1500 mm and at least 4 racks in a row. In case of smaller number of racks, frame load reduction factors should be used:

  • for three sections in a row – 0,88;
  • for two sections – 0,77;
  • for one section – 0,66.

Wide array of accessories

Additional elements of racks that boost it’s functionality or provide extra safety are:

–  Frame bumpers to protect the frame from accidental collision with trolleys or pallets

– Horizontal or vertical braces, which are used in case of high frames, they stiffen the construction and allow the placement of rack without the need of attaching it do a wall

– Trusses on traverses enabling the storage of loose assortment

– Crossbeams used in storing products along the traverses (e.g. long bars or boards)

Steel beam

– Safety net ensuring that stored materials will not fall out outside the rack

– Wall mounts stiffen the tall rack

The highest standard

As a manufacturer of pallet racks, we guarantee the highest quality of workmanship and the safety of our racks confirmed by the German TUV certificate.

This certificate is awarded only to products that comply with European quality and safety standards.

Pallet racks alternatives

A system that uses gravity to transport stored materials down the rack. The first pallet is also loaded with the first pallet for unloading, the so-called First in First Out system. Perfect for products with a short shelf life.

The push back system allows you to store up to 4 pallets deep at a time. Thanks to the use of rollers, taking them out is not a major problem. The system is ideal for medium-heavy materials

Racks operating on a similar principle to flow-through. The only difference is the storage system – Last in First Out, the last loaded pallet comes out first.

Mobile racks allow for the maximum use of the available space by eliminating working tunnels. Using a remote control, the operator can place a specific pallet in the right place for pickup with a forklift truck.

Full service

Feel free to contact us for individual pricing and warehouse design for pallet racks. For larger orders from the factory, we offer a colour selection of individual elements from the entire RAL palette.

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