Gondola shelving

Gondola shelving fulfils similar function as wall shelving. The only difference is the fact that gondola can stand on their own, without the need of a wall. Double sided construction allows access to product from both side, while at the same time improving overall stability.


Gondola shelving is useful in any kind of shop that can allow additional space that is required for its installation. Gondolas are also very popular in petrol stations that are looking for low shelving to present food products. Here are some examples of shops utilizing gondola shelving.

  • Rossmann – storing of cosmetics, household items, children’s toys and nappies.
  • Auchan –  presentation not only of the products described before but also: light AGD/RTV devices, clothes, gardening tools.
  • Decathlon – storage of all sports clothes, bows, weights, fishing rods and many more.


  • Simple and tested construction which quality has been confirmed by German TUV certificate 
  • High level of customization, allowing the adjustment of gondola shelving according to your needs 
  • Possibility of converting to wall shelving
  • Possibility of connecting with rack system, creating integrated shelving, designed with DIY markets in mind

Quality and safety

As a manufacturer of shelving we guarantee the highest quality of execution and safety of our shelves, confirmed by German TUV certificate.


This certificate is granted only to these products that are compatible with European standards of quality and safety. The entry in Certipedia inventory confirms the originality of this document.

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