Gondola shelving

Gondola shelving fulfill a similar function to the wall shelving. The only difference is that they are erected as free-standing structures. Bilateral exploitation allows access to goods from both sides, while increasing to commercial services. They can be used in any way, by selecting the elements, changing them in a similar way. For example, by selecting perforated backs, we gain the possibility of installing product hangers. This solution completely changes the way the gondola works. At the customer’s eye level there are nearby products (e.g. hammers), while at the level of the shelf there are accessories (e.g. nails). Another first object is the boards and crossbeams for the store shelving, and they pay off in the integration shelves, which is the first achievement in DIY stores.


Gondola shelving is suitable for any type of store that can afford the space required for their installation. They are also very popular at gas stations as low racks for the presentation of food products. Here are some examples of establishments that use our shelving:

  • Lewiatan – storage of all food products (bread, snacks, hygiene products, etc.), newspapers, drinks, alcohol, coffee, spices and much more. In Lewiatan stores, gondolas are used in practically every department (sweets, chemicals, groceries, etc.). The elegant design perfectly presents the stored products, improving the overall visual aspect.
  • Auchan – presenting not only the items mentioned above, but also small household appliances / electronics, clothes, toys for children, gardening materials. Auchan stores have a wide range of products, which is why they use several different variants of store shelves. Low shop gondolas can be found in the cosmetics or household appliances / electronics department. Perforated shelves can be found in the clothes section. In Auchan stores, we also find integration shelves in the drinks section, where we have drinks at our fingertips, while on the above-placed traverses they are stored on pallets that can be quickly removed with a forklift.
  • Decathlon – storage of all sports clothes, bows, weights, fishing rods and many more, excluding heavier equipment such as bicycles. In Decathlon, specialized shop shelving is used, specially adapted for this purpose. The use of various types of hangers, fasteners, shelves, etc. makes it possible to store the entire available assortment.
Gondola shelving with a top shelf for newspapers

Shop gondolas with a top shelf for newspapers

Anthracite gondola type shop shelves with gable shelf

Anthracite gondola type shop shelves with gable shelf


Anthracite gondola type shop shelves with gable shelf


  • Simple and tested construction which quality has been confirmed by German TUV certificate 
  • High level of customization, allowing the adjustment of gondola shelving according to your needs. Various shelf lengths, profile heights, plain and perforated backs, hangers with or without labels, widths and several available systems.
  • Possibility of converting to wall shelving
  • Possibility of connecting with rack system, creating integrated shelving, designed with DIY markets in mind


Shop shelving profile

The profile is the backbone of the entire rack, it holds the brackets and backs in place, enabling their easy assembly. The standard 50 mm system is available immediately. The 25 mm and 35 mm system is available on request and for wholesale orders.

Base leg

The base leg of the store rack is the basis of the entire structure, it is on it that the entire weight rests, so we recommend purchasing a foot larger than the second longest shelf in the rack. As a result, the entire weight of the products is directed down the rack, rather than partially to the front. This prevents instability and overturning of the rack in case of overloading.

Smooth back

The smooth back is a very important structural element of the metal rack. It not only acts as a back, but also provides rigidity to the entire structure.

Perforated back

The perforated back allows the installation of various hangers. Made of thick sheet metal allows for a high load capacity of many goods hung on the handles. Dense arrangement of the eyelets allows for any arrangement of hangers.

Gondola shelving with mesh backs

Mesh backs allow for greater light transmission, giving a feeling of more space. In addition, they allow the installation of all hangers in our offer, which are equipped with an appropriate type of grip, in store shelves.


Shelves for store shelves are an indispensable structural element. We store all our products on the shelves. The arrangement of shelves is a very important element of planning your own shelving. At the zero level and the first level, it is best to place shelves deeper by a size than the others, in order to better present the products at the bottom. This prevents the products displayed on them from being covered by the shelves above them.

Mesh shelve

Mesh shelves are perfect for the section with vegetables and fruit. They let in more light, which makes products on all levels look elegant. In addition, they are convenient to clean and do not collect much dust.


The brackets support the shelves. They can be made of thinner or thicker sheet metal, which affects the total maximum load capacity. Additionally, they can be adjusted under three inclination angles. This makes it possible to modify the purpose of the shop rack.

Bracket angles of mounting


shop shelving g130a-corel

Configuration G130A

shop shelving g130b-corel

Configuration G130B

shop shelving g130c-corel

Configuration G130C

shop shelving g130d-corel

Configuration G130D

Gondolas of the G130 series are best suited to gas stations where, thanks to their low profile, they do not obstruct the view and create an “open space” effect. This allows for a better presentation of the entire range of stations that is not obscured by shop shelves.

One of our largest recipients of the G130 series gondolas are Orlen stations that prefer anthracite-coloured shelves. This colour perfectly matches the overall aesthetics of the station and is a great example of how important an important aspect of store equipment is to choose the right colour of the shelves.

shop shelving g170a-corel

Configuration G170A

shop shelving g170b-corel

Configuration G170B

shop shelving g170c-corel

Configuration G170C

shop shelving G170D

Configuration G170D

The G170 series gondolas are best suited to small grocery stores in housing estates, where the ceiling of the room is often low and does not allow the installation of higher shelves. Alternatively, they better present goods that will never be placed “too high” making it difficult for the customer to identify the product.

shop shelving G210A

Configuration G210A

shop shelving G210B

Configuration G210B

shop shelving G210C

Configuration G210C

shop shelving G210D

Configuration G210D

G210 series gondola shelving are perfect for larger supermarkets, where the available space is not a problem. They allow the installation of a large number of shelves that allow you to present many products at once, without worrying about too little available space.

Gondolas from the G210 series, due to their height, are used in stores such as Lewiatan, Spar, Stokrotka, Auchan and many others. There are often extensive models, the so-called Integration shelves that can not only store products at your fingertips, but also pallets on the upper level. This allows missing products to be quickly loaded on the “ground floor”.

Quality and safety

All our products meet the formal requirements in terms of health and safety, fire protection. and building regulations. As a producer of shop gondolas, we guarantee the highest quality of workmanship and the safety of our shelves confirmed by the German TUV certificate.

This certificate is awarded only to products that comply with European quality and safety standards.

TUV certificate

Full service

Contact us for an individual quote and store design. In case of larger orders we offer a colour selection of individual elements from the entire RAL palette.


We organize the transport of gondola shelving to any place in Poland and the EU.


We provide attractive financing of gondola shelving in the form of leasing. You do not need your own funds to finance the investment.

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