Children’s shopping carts

Visiting a store can be really tiring for babies, and as we all know, a tired toddler starts to mess up. That is why the Kifato company offers three models of carts that will keep children entertained and relieve their parents during long shopping trips.

  • Reliable wheels from the German company TENTE
  • The galvanic coating of zinc covered with polyester affects the overall durability of the product and thus translates into a long service life
  • They encourage children to help their parents with purchases, especially in the toy and confectionery departments

Mec 15

Capacity (litres) 15
Length D x Width S x Height W (mm) 495x392x602
4 swivel castors, diameter (mm) ⌀ 50 (TENTE)

Mec Kids 100

Capacity (litres) 100
Length D x Width S x Height W (mm) 1372x580x1048
4 swivel castors, diameter (mm) ⌀ 100 (TENTE)

Mec 150CSC

Capacity (liters) 150
Length D x Width S x Height W (mm) 1145x579x1059
4 wheels, diameter (mm) ⌀ 129 (TENTE)
Increase in package length for one cart „n” (mm) 150
Package length of 10 carts (mm) 2645
Package length of 50 carts (mm) 8645

Commercial offers

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